Althea’s Birthday Celebration!

Happy birthday Althea!!! In conjunction with Althea's birthday, they're generous enough to have amazing goodies, giveaways, prizes up for grabs and a limited edition birthday box which is sooooo cute! Make sure you place an order from the 20th of July (TODAY!) until 31st July 2016 to qualify. Read on for more information 😉 Althea's … Continue reading Althea’s Birthday Celebration!


How I Clean My Brushes and DUPE!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my toilet or well, the nicer portion of it. Yes, that's a mural on the tiled wall which I painted a few years ago. Do you like it? Anyways,  I've an exciting dupe for you. Heard of the much coveted beauty blender? How about their famous solid blender cleanser? I've used it … Continue reading How I Clean My Brushes and DUPE!

Korean Skincare Haul!

The post that you've been waiting very first haul on my blog!!! Fun fact: I was trying my very best to not buy anything (makeup or skincare) this year and I was successful...for only three months plus. I realized that it was completely unrealistic since I'm a blogger (that's a legit reason, right?) and I … Continue reading Korean Skincare Haul!