Biggest Hermo & Althea Haul Ever

The title says it all!


b.liv: Clearing Pores, Diminishing Dark Circles & Lightening Pigmentation

Hi everyone! It's been awhile, yes? I was travelling and had to settle some paperwork and so on in preparation for my graduation. Yes, I'M OFFICIALLY A GRADUATE. I'm uber relieved and grateful for everyone's support throughout the years and now, I hope that I can use that free time and do something productive for … Continue reading b.liv: Clearing Pores, Diminishing Dark Circles & Lightening Pigmentation

Claire Organics Range

Thoughts, reviews and a discount code!

Korean Skincare Haul!

The post that you've been waiting very first haul on my blog!!! Fun fact: I was trying my very best to not buy anything (makeup or skincare) this year and I was successful...for only three months plus. I realized that it was completely unrealistic since I'm a blogger (that's a legit reason, right?) and I … Continue reading Korean Skincare Haul!

Cheat Sheet: Clear Skin

Here's a cheat sheet for clear skin! Everything you'll ever need is here 🙂

Night Time Skincare Routine

It's finally here! Some of you have requested this and I finally have the time to show you my routine 🙂 Again, thank you for reading this! *Hug-squish* If I have makeup on, I'll go through my cleansing routine. If not, I'll use this cleansing balm to cleanse my face. ONE - Banila Co. Clean It Zero* … Continue reading Night Time Skincare Routine

The Cleansing Ritual

The air that we’re breathing now is not like that air few hundred years ago. I’ve read a research somewhere about how air pollution actually affects the skin and I believe that cleansing helps the skin to deal with the problem effectively. To start this off, here's an amazing statement from Philosophy. purity is natural. … Continue reading The Cleansing Ritual