Claire Organics Range


I’m pretty sure that many Malaysians are familiar with Claire Organics with their uber cool range of products from handmade soaps to lip balms, all of them boasting to be natural and formulated with a super clean list of ingredients – clean as in without preservatives, alcohol, parabens and so on and so forth. I gotta say, Claire Organics is LEGIT.

BTW! If you use Selina-CLAIRE15, you guys will get 15% off from your purchases. Claire Organics is super generous and so, they’re giving all my amazing readers the chance to try their pretty amazing stuff at a discounted price. Also, I’m not getting any commission from this! I just wanted to share this opportunity with you all 🙂 Do hurry though as it’s only for 2 weeks (25/4/17 – 9/5/17)!

I’ve always wanted to try their products but somehow, it never seemed to happen. So I was part crazed, part awed, part shocked, and part excited when Claire Organics got in touched with me. Inside, I was like, ‘REALLY? OMG OMG OMG!’. So yes, the products below are sponsored but no way in hell, would I be bias just because they send me things to try out. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity and thus, let’s dive into the yays and nays of the range 🙂

P.S. This review is extremely detailed


Enchant: Aromatherapy Perfume Oil (RM43)

This comes in a glass bottle with a handy roller ball for easy dispensing (or is it easy rolling? HAHA) of the perfume oil. This means that it’s travel friendly and I really like that. It’s also pretty darn cute, especially with the flower petals inside it!

I’m pretty sensitive to scents and most perfumes just stings my nostrils to high heavens but this…this…is pretty amazing. On the first sniff, it did not smell like the typical perfumes that I’m used to (my mom is a huge fan of perfumes – Hello Dior! Hello Chanel!) and I was a bit put off with the scent. Then I sniffed it again. And again. And again. The scent started growing on me.

The scent (according to my personal scent directory aka nose): A heap of rose and dash of citrus that’s really light, warm, not heavy or extremely musky. Rose scented products are not my thing since it smells kinda awful to me but this is my next favorite perfume because of that hint of citrus.


So how long does it last? Sadly, it only lasts about 45 minutes to 1 hour on my skin. As I rolled it onto my skin, the oil absorbs nicely in the skin so I don’t feel like an oil slick. But since it isn’t really long lasting, I would have to reapply it throughout the day and the wrist area can get too oily for comfort. This 15ml bottle retails for RM43 which is still WAY cheaper than the typical perfumes out there. My theory that it doesn’t last as long as others is that the ingredient list is extremely small; Jojoba oil (a known, fantastic oil), organic herbs and essential oil blend. This means that even though I’m pretty bummed that it doesn’t last that long, the product is pretty darn good for my skin and my stress levels.

I would save this for a romantic hour with bae aka reading my Anita Blake series on my bed or trying to sleep. This puts me out like a baby because it’s darn relaxing. When used during stress periods, this is a great pick-me-up. The more I get into the scent, the more I realize that it’s pretty darn romantic so if you do have a bae of your own, this is like your power-up card *wink wink*. All in all, it’s an affordable perfume aromatherapy oil that’s good for your mind and skin, just wouldn’t recommend it to replace your usual perfume.


Whitening Rose Hips Scrub (RM33)


  • Comes in a cute glass bottle with a wooden spoon – Great as it’s reusable
  • Made with a really basic ingredients that’s good for the body and smells absolutely heavenly. It did remind of the aromatherapy scent from above, just that it’s more lightly scented that the top
  • Smooth. great gritty scrub without the lumps; It ain’t like those fancy pants scrubs which just feels like a lotion (ugghh)
  • No breakouts (from the oil).



  • It doesn’t make your skin super soft like some scrubs do. This is just great for removing dirt and dead skin. It won’t work for calluses.
  • Does leave a slight residue of oil but it absorbs into the skin for a certain amount of time. If you don’t like it like I do, you could always go over with body wash to remove it. However, it does prevent the skin from being dry and I would take this scrub as a shower ‘lotion’ compared to normal lotions because I hate being sticky.
  • It doesn’t really ‘whiten’ the skin (even with the rose hip oil) and I wouldn’t expect products like these to work instantly because they’re natural products.

If you’re looking for a fantastic gritty scrub without all the nasties, I would definitely recommend this. However, don’t expect this to truly moisturize your body at the same time because it doesn’t (not on my skin anyways).


Eczema Soother Healing Balm (RM21)

I don’t have eczema but what I do have, is a weird dry patch on my right arm which occasionally itches like mad and gets redly irritated whenever I use shitty soaps, body washes or dish washing liquids. At first glance, you wouldn’t even notice it and the camera can’t pick up the differences on my skin. However, if you run your fingers over my arm, you’ll definitely notice a difference in texture – it’ll feel like a dry patch. However ew this is, I thought this would be great to test out if it really does sooth the itchiness and regularize the texture of my skin.



  • Comes in a small tin – a definite travel-friendly packaging
  • Fantastic, small ingredients list that are full of moisturizing properties
  • Smells amaze-balls – a light minty scent
  • Soft balm which turns into oil with warmth but on skin, it gives a nice cooling effect
  • Does make a significant improvement to the texture of the patch after a week; I used this in the morning and night


  • Wished it was in a roll-on balm form so that it’s easier compared to dipping my fingers into the tin over and over and over again

I will definitely repurchase this once it’s gone because it seriously made a difference to the weird patch on my arm. Part of the patch is no longer there and it no longer feels itchy as long as I put that on. This is #HolyGrailWorthy


Mosquito Repellent – Bug Off! (RM 23)

In my mosquito-proof home, it was pretty redundant to try this so I’ve deliberately woke up early and go to the park to get myself bitten in the quest to try this. I put on a generous amount on my arms and left my legs bare. When I got home, zero bites on my arms, a few bites on my legs. Mosquitoes are assholes and their bites itch to high heavens. The verdict? It does prevent bites but make sure you cover your entire body with it.


  • Comes in a travel friendly plastic roll-on balm tube
  • Herbally-minty, eucalyptus scent
  • Tells mosquitoes to BUG OFF
  • Does sooth itchiness but gotta put on another layer once it wears off
  • Residue easily washes off with soap



  • Sticky as heck on the skin – Bad because I hate that feeling but good because it really stays put. Also, it moisturizes the skin 🙂
  • Totally wished there’s a lotion version of this so people could easily put this on and reach places where light does not hit

I would recommend using this during emergency re-application because it’s quick and easy. However, it’s a tiny tube and wouldn’t last if you’re hiking continuously for three days in a humid, mosquito infested jungle. Great for parks.


Lip Treatment – Yummy Lips (RM16)

This is #HolyGrailWorthy


  • Comes in a clear lip balm tube – It’s a bonus because we can all easily see how much is left in it and
  • Has SPF! Usually, hipsters lip balms doesn’t contain sun protection so I gotta give a star for Claire Organics for thinking this through
  • Not sticky or goopy on the lips – Gives a beautiful sheen and a smooth, moisturizing layer on the lips
  • It really works! It’s a definite lip treatment that’s uber affordable
  • It’s a clear lipbalm (eventhough the nude pink shade on it is super pretty!)
  • Layers well below matte liquid lipsticks


I’m a HUGE fan of lip balms and this product reminds me of my favorite lip balm of all time, the Fresh Sugar Lip Balm. That stuff smells heavenly and works extremely well to keep my lips moisturized in whatever condition but it’s soooo pricey! The texture of this particular lip balm in comparison to the Fresh ones is that this is much more silkier and lighter on the lips which I’m about for nowadays. I’ve been using this everyday since I received it and everyday my lips are just prepped and primed for a great lipstick day. Seriously, I’m going to get this by the dozen!

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