Part 2: Miniso Haul + 1st Impressions

Here we are again!

I’ve been juggling assignments, reviewing, testing and writing posts and oh gosh, it’s honestly quite tiring. However, it’s absolutely worth it when I get supportive statements and likes from all of you. LOVE YOU GUYS!

Let’s get into it 🙂

Puff Makeup (RMB 10)



When I saw this, I squealed a little cause they’re darn cute! It comes in three different sizes, of which only two are similar in shape. I guessed they were trying to imitate a beauty blender (top right) in a much smaller scale but it’s definitely bigger than the ‘beauty blender mini’. The other two (left & bottom right) looks a lot like the Etude House Soft Cream Puff.

It’s about RM 6 for three which makes it only RM2 for each! Talk about the bargain! I have not tested it out yet but the ‘squish factor’ is similar to the Etude House ones – hard. The smallest of them all, however, is definitely more squishable than the rest. I’m going to test these babies out soon and see if it’s actually worth getting  🙂


Here are the comparison of sizes (below) 🙂

Askdjbsf sooooo cute!


Cucurbit-Shaped Powder Puff (RMB 10)


Two different colored sponges, I find that they’re more squishable and bigger compared to the original Etude House ones. A comparison sponge post, anyone?

Fun fact: Cucurbit means gourd


Below shows the difference in sizes of the sponges from the haul.


Lipstick (RMB 15)


This looks extremely similar to the Laneige’s Two Lip Tone Bar or something like that. Dupe alert? Except, it doesn’t come with two tones, only one. AND it’s only 9 bucks! The plastic packaging feels smooth but cheap. Got this one in the shade 02, a chili red with a orange undertone.


Look at the amount of product! The twist-up mechanism is decent – I was expecting the lipstick to fall out of it but it didn’t. Also, it’s so creamy when swatched and it’s decently pigmented.


Make Up Beauty or The Queen Matte Superstay Lipstick (RMB 20)


Only for RM12, I got this ‘matte’ lipstick in the shade 05, a much deeper red than the other one. The packaging is quite unique in the sense that it feels a little like rubber and it’s also matte. It’s quite odd in design and the formula actually feels creamy instead of matte.


Below: 05 Matte lipstick (left), 02 Creamy lipstick (right)


Light Sense 3 Colors Eye Shadow (RMB 10)


Extremely minimalist packaging with a useless mirror strip and decent applicator. The colors are amazing, definitely cool toned in shades of frosty pink, pinkish brown and frosty maroon. All are shimmer formulated, quite pigmented, soft but with a slight powdery feeling.

The most amazing part was when swatched, some of it clumps but once blended (it’s extremely easy to blend), it’s the most magical unicorn I’ve ever seen.


Below: After blending a little ❤


Make Up Beauty or The Queen Nano HD Finishing Powder (RMB 29)


Clearly, this product has a pretty confusing name but one thing’s for sure, it’s made in China. I got this in the shade #02 which is a light custard cream color and it contains 8g of product at 18 bucks.


They’ve included a puff which does not feel nice at all. The e.l.f. ones are even better. However, it comes with a plastic seal which is quite impressive.. I’ve tested it out at the store and it feels extremely smooth and the powder is finely milled. I’ll definitely do a more in-depth review in the future.

Miniso Massage Comb (RMB10)


Doesn’t this look familliar? Looks a lot like the Tangle Teezer eh? I see what you’re doing there, Miniso *smirks*


A completely princess product, it’s honestly quite pretty to look at with the rose gold finish. Probably another dupe but I wouldn’t know until I get the original Tangle Teezer. Extremely light and ergonomically built, the bristles are plastic and seems to get out of shape. Perhaps that’s the point? I don’t think it’s capable of ‘massaging’ my head cause its bristles are too darn short.

Aaaaaaand that’s the end of the MINISO HAUL! I’m certainly excited to try these out because if it works at these amazing prices, I’m going to be saving a lot of cash. Look out for my future posts as there’s going to be tons of reviews on the way!



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