Part 1: Miniso Haul + 1st Impressions!

Heeelllllooooo everyone!

As per usual, I went ahead with the splurging when I saw Miniso in China. I’m not too sure whether Miniso is actually a Chinese brand or a Japanese brand but I freaking love the vibes it gives out.

Miniso = Daiso prices + (Uniqlo x Muji)

Some stuff are incredibly cheap but there’s some which are clearly not. However, you do get the vibes that these products are imitations of famous stuff, be it cosmetics, skincare, or heck, even phone accessories and bath products. Anyways, let’s get into it!

Miniso 3 Way Eyebrow Pencil


I like that all of the products (cosmetic, that is) have expiry dates which are pretty nifty to know.


Got this for RMB20 which is approximately RM12. Like I said, some  are cheap whereas some are not. I thought it was a pretty good deal though as it has a pencil, powder and a spoolie.


This reminded me of the Shu Uemura eyebrow pencil but with a really thin tip, great for creating hair-like strokes.


Got this in the shade 01, which is the only shade available at the store that I went. I believe the extremely helpful girl called this Stone Grey.

6Below: Powder9

Below: The slightly smudgy one is the powder, exactly the same color as the pencil.


I decided to get another brow product since I’ve NEVER used one without the pencil. This one comes in a nifty package, very slick and tiny but with an alarming color which I thought will never suit my eyebrow color but what the heck, it’s only RMB10 (RM6) for 6.4g of product! Wayyy cheaper than the eyebrow pencil at the top which only has 0.9g of product.

Miniso EyeBrow Thingy


I freaking love the minimalistic design. Simple but does not feel like a cheapo.


Sadly, they didn’t have a darker shade than this but they do have a lighter one.

Below: The two lighter ones on the left comes from the eyebrow thingy.


While I was swatching, the darker browny-gray crumbled on me but the brown one looks silky smooth. Both are DEFINITELY powders.

Miniso 24h Eyeliner


Only for RMB10 (RM6 – in case you forgot), this eyeliner comes in a freaking cute rose gold packaging with a silver cap. It feels just like any other generic eyeliner.


It has a super fine tip, perfect for those with double eyelids and those who wants to create that perfect flick (which I tend to screw up most of the time but thankfully, I have cotton buds to do the job). Monolidders like me would probably use this up freaking fast, yay.


Miniso Pantone Eyeliner


This is my color right there, the pantone color of the year is absolutely amaze-balls. Love the packaging since it’s incredibly beautiful even though it feels like any generic eyeliner. Also got this for RMB10. The extremely helpful salesgirl told me it’s the exact same eyeliner as shown above but what the heck, I’ll get it for the packaging.


I am happy that I actually bought this because the tip is definitely not the same as the rose gold one. This one is much slimmer and thinner, making it even more easier to create that thin line. I’ll definitely use this up in no time because #monolidproblems.

Below: The swatch is the one on the right (the slightly sloppy swatch). I don’t know if you can see it but in real life, the pantone one is MORE pigmented than the rose gold version.


Miniso Eyeshadow Stick


Yes, this is RMB10 as well. SUPER. FREAKING. CHEAP.

I’m already breaking the rules of grammar because I think this is the best deal I’ve got.


Coppery gold, this is creamy when swatch. Absolutely drool worthy, I tell you. Look at the way it glows!


Also, they have a smudger at the end.


That’s the end of part 1 so do get ready because part 2 will be coming next week at the same time. You’ll see a bunch of recognizable dupes so it’s going to be pretty exciting. Don’t worry, I’m going to upload review posts once I properly try these babies out.

Just in case you’re confused with the postings, I’m currently testing out posting times so bear with me. 🙂



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