How I Clean My Brushes and DUPE!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my toilet or well, the nicer portion of it.


Yes, that’s a mural on the tiled wall which I painted a few years ago. Do you like it? Anyways,  I’ve an exciting dupe for you. Heard of the much coveted beauty blender? How about their famous solid blender cleanser? I’ve used it before and it’s pretty amazing but you know what’s not amazing? The PRICE. Before I tell you what it is, I’m going to go ahead and tell you how I clean my brushes with this amazing dupe.

As you can see above, I held up a bunch of my dirty but incredibly sexy brushes for you all to gasp at. Don’t worry, these are less than 3 days but man… look at the fabulous dirt. Also, note the yellow and pink that you can see on the bristles.


After holding it up for a picture, I dumped it all in my clean sink and drench the bristles thoroughly, as well as the Memebox Puff, the amazing Beauty Blender and Etude’s House Marshmallow Puff. This step is incredibly important. I’m sure you’ve noticed that white solid right smack in the middle and that’s the dupe that I’m talking about.

Unfortunately, I accidentally threw away the packaging but it looks something like this. I’m sure that it changes according to country but the name is always the same, the Dove Beauty Cream Bar. The best part? I only got this for RM 3!!!

1.gifPhoto source: Unilever

Once the brushes and puffs are wet, I swirl it on the soap. You’ll see all the makeup running out and that moment is extremely satisfying. I’ll wet the brush again and swirl in on the soap until I don’t see any makeup running out of it anymore.


To thoroughly clean the brush head, I used the indents of my hand to get between the cracks and crevices.


This dupe performs similar to the blender cleanser although it is a teeny bit ineffective compared to the solid blender cleanser. Once I’m satisfied with it, I’ll gently squeeze the bristles and sponges and lay it all out to dry. Make sure to dry it in an angle because you don’t want the water to seep into the glue holding the handle and bristles.


Aaaaand, that’s it! Leave it to dry overnight and it’ll be good as new.


Yours sincerely,



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