Make It This Time

It’s been approximately two months when I suddenly disappeared from the blogosphere and social media. Now, it came from various reasonable reasons as to why it happened but the main reason why there weren’t any posts is because of the passing of my dearly beloved grandma.

I have a policy in which I do not post pictures of my family members and so, I would not divulge you with a picture of her.

Still life goes on, we grieved, we continued. However, in the process of grieving, I realize how people can suddenly change from bad to good and vice versa. How egoistical people were but let’s not talk about that. The reason I wrote this post was because I realized how important pictures really are.

Usually, we take pictures documenting our travels or major life events like birthdays and outings. However, we don’t usually take spontaneous pictures of people close to us doing everyday things like cooking, cleaning or even heck, concentrating. It’s these that gives you memories, the smiles on your face when you remember how they look like as they cook. How they look like when they’re laughing or when they’re just going about their day.

It was so important that when I looked at the picture, I realized that I’ve forgotten how they’ve looked like. And it’s so sad that these memories would fade in time, leaving absolutely nothing. So I urge you, don’t just take pictures of selected moments. Take pictures in which you find to be absolutely mundane but a goldmine once it’s no longer there.

For those of you who had never lost someone before, take it from us who did. Cherish them while they’re still here by making time, not making excuses of being busy. Spend time with them doing mundane things like chores or washing their car, taking them out for dinner and call them every single bloody day if possible. This life has no time for regrets. Life is uncertain but death is certain.

I’m glad that I fulfilled my duty as a grandchild and did my best to spend my time with her and all my grandparents. So go forth and remember how important mundane pictures really.




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