Korean Skincare Haul!

The post that you’ve been waiting for…..my very first haul on my blog!!!

Fun fact: I was trying my very best to not buy anything (makeup or skincare) this year and I was successful…for only three months plus. I realized that it was completely unrealistic since I’m a blogger (that’s a legit reason, right?) and I actually need to stock up on some essentials.

 200 (8).gif

By the way, do you like the gifs? If yes, let me know and I’ll curate more 🙂 Let’s jump right into it!

Some of my mom’s friends were having a holiday at Korea and I gave them a super long list of things to buy but unfortunately, they did not go to Myeongdong which is a famous tourist area where they sell tons of beauty products that are cheaper than what we can get here in Malaysia or any other country.

I bought 4 boxes of masks (each box contains 5 sheets). So I have a total of 20 sheet masks. I got two of these

Dr. Jart+ Soothing Hydra Solution 


I also got two of these

Dr. Jart+ Vital Hydra Solution


I wanted to try these masks for a long time now but they’re pretty pricey in Malaysia. I’m not sure how much they got these but I’ll update ya’ll once I get my bill *cringe*

Next, I stocked up on my favorite ampoule. Though the one that I got is the updated version of it. Click here if you want to see how I incorporate it in my night time skincare routine.

Missha Time Revolution Night Repair (Borabit Ampoule)


I also got the famous Nature Republic product which I have not tried yet. I’ll write a review once I break open these baddies.

Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel


They also got me another type of soothing gel but from another brand. Perhaps I’ll do a comparison and post a review on it.

Yumei Aloe Vera Soothing Gel 100%


Huh, I just realized that one is 92% and the other is 100%. That’s the end of my haul but WAIT! I got a bunch of free stuff! Who doesn’t love free stuff???

I got two boxes of cotton pads from Missha which looks real sturdy, by the way.

Missha Cotton Pads


Missha Cleansing Tissue


A hand cream from Holika Holika. I think they bought this for me 🙂

Holika Holika The Moment Perfume Hand Cream in Jasmine Bouquet


I also got this brush which is a lovely surprise. THEY ARE SO SOFT, AHMERGERD. Also, some samples of the BB creams and a tiny skincare set.

SKIN79 Kick It Side Thick Brush



SKIN79 Hot Pink BB and VIP Gold BB


SKIN79 Green and Orange BB


Nature Republic Snail Solution Set


That’s it for today’s haul! Would you like me to write a full fledged review or a first impressions of some of these products? Let me know down below or on any of my social media. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next Saturday!



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