Cheat Sheet: Clear Skin

Some of you have voted for hauls but I’ve yet to receive some of the products so I am extremely disappointed ūüė¶ However, do expect a haul next Saturday so I’m very excited. Anyways, let’s get on with this.

The makeup obsession has been real for me but sometimes, a girl just wants to get out of the house butt naked¬†with a naked face without brutal self-judgement. And when you’re trying to achieve a no makeup look (seriously, with no makeup on), it’s important to have clear skin.

Also, this post might be freaking long because I just want to impart whatever knowledge that I have so you won’t need to keep on searching the net for it. Also, it’s not numbered so whatever applies, go for it. ALSO (ahmergerd), I get ya.

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Without further ado, here are my top (all) tips on getting clear skin.

  • Be ready to invest.¬†I’m not talking about cash here but I’m talking about investing your time. There are certain steps that are time consuming but ABSOLUTELY worth it. Be really ready to invest a portion of your time to do what is needed to be done for some next level skin.


  • Get a facial (every month if you can afford it).¬†There are tons of qualified¬†individuals that are there to help you with your skin. Personally, I prefer facials from qualified dermatologists because I trust them in handling my skin. I don’t know about you but I have the monthly hormonal nuisance on my face – breakouts. When I get a facial during (or before) my breakouts, it tamps down on these buggers and I’ll get three weeks worth of fabulous skin. Maybe more than a month if I take care of my skin properly. If you know how to do it yourself, great! If not, it’s best to get a pro to do it.


  • Drink water.¬†This is a no brainer really. We are three quarters water and dehydrating oneself is just bound for disaster. Drink it up, peeps.


  • Sleep early.¬†I know that we all have tons of excuses to sleep late but really, sleeping is the best. You know Sleeping Beauty? Yeahhhh

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  • Antioxidants are your best friend.¬†Free radicals are toxic for your body (makes you age faster, triggers cancer, breakouts). Especially people who loves working out, antioxidants is a MUST to minimize the damage of free radicals. I’ve known people who had clear skin during their puberty and started getting horrible acne everywhere once they start working out. Eat your fruits and veges. My favorite way to get my antioxidants are one of¬†these¬†or these (Both are delicious but the gel version is an easier version to have your antioxidants – great for travel!).
  • Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse.¬†I wrote that three times for people that wear makeup. Makeup clogs EVERYTHING and cleansing should be your number one priority once you come home. For those that don’t wear makeup, you may cleanse twice. It’s going to be amazingly long if I were to talk about the importance of cleansing so here’s my¬†cleansing ritual to get rid of all the baddies.

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  • Choose your products (makeup or skincare)¬†wisely.¬†If you see non-comedogenic (which means it’s specially formulated to NOT BLOCK PORES), get it cause blocked pores does not help you get clear skin. However, companies out there might slather that word everywhere just to get great marketing so to make it easier, get products (makeup or skincare) that have light textures, liquid, gel, serum or water-based consistency. Anything LIGHT is GOOD. Like how clouds would feel light.

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  • Know your skin. What’s your skin type?¬†Paula’s Choice¬†&¬†Web MD¬†might help you out. If you still don’t know, come talk to me. I’ll help you figure it out cause I’m your sistaaaa.

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  • Listen to your skin.¬†Is it too dry? Uncomfortable? Just right? Your skin helps you to understand what you need to do in order to get clear skin. Genetics may wreck havoc on your skin but you can always take steps to prevent or lessen the impact.¬†Once you listen to you skin, take the necessary steps or precaution to address the issue. Said issue will be addressed in the next point.

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  • Use salicylic acid.¬†Known for preventing blemishes, try to use this once in a while if your skin can take it (some of you might be allergic to these so always patch test first!). I love using these gentle wipes that are great for sensitive skin from First Aid Beauty in my¬†Night Time Skincare Routine.
  • Use a separate towel for drying your face.¬†I do this cause I feel that it’s more hygienic. Also, wash your face towel every two-three days.

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  • Change your bed sheets and pillow cases every week. When you’re sleeping, things go bump in the night. Expect oil, dirt, skin flakes and what nots on your bed sheets. Washing them not only makes it more hygienic, it also helps in minimizing the population of the dust mites. They’re horrible critters.

dust mites

  • Moisturize.¬†Drinking water is for the inside. Moisturizing is for the outside. With both equally balanced, beautiful skin is definitely achievable.
  • Disinfect. Breakouts might happen when you touch something that’s dirty (and crawling with bacterias) AND THEN you touch your face. Why’d you do that? Stop touching your face. IF you need to scratch that itch, quickly disinfect your hands. A hand sanitizer is pretty handy. Also, any surfaces that you touch constantly should be disinfected as well from dirt, dust, bacteria, fecal matter, all that crap. That includes your phone and digital devices. I suggest getting alcohol swabs to clean them EVERYDAY. Seriously, incorporate this in your everyday routine.


  • Wash your brushes. If you apply makeup with your brushes, disinfect and clean them. Not washing your brushes are like using your dishes that hadn’t been washed for a few days. EWWW.


  • Chill.¬†Take a break once in awhile. There’s no evidence that¬†having a makeup-free day would help your skin but to me, it’s nice to not have anything on the face. Leave it bare for a day, people! Also, having a stress-free day is beneficial to your bodeh.

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a qualified dermatologist or a skin care expert. I am however, an ordinary human being who loves reading tons of stuff, researching real research papers and talking to people (my dermatologist and my mom) who have advised me on my skin. Thus, whatever thing that I wrote might change with the tide so keep it in consideration. If you do have any concerns, I suggest you to see a qualified dermatologists, :). Also, these products mentioned are not sponsored but some links are affiliated. Also, whenever I have new tips, I will update this post.


Selina ūüôā


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