Night Time Skincare Routine

It’s finally here!

Some of you have requested this and I finally have the time to show you my routine 🙂 Again, thank you for reading this! *Hug-squish*

If I have makeup on, I’ll go through my cleansing routineIf not, I’ll use this cleansing balm to cleanse my face.

ONE – Banila Co. Clean It Zero*


I absolutely love this one because it smells like a sorbet heaven and destroys all traces of dirt, makeup and sunscreen. Heck, it even looks like sorbet!


I typically use a peanut-sized amount, as you can see below for the whole face. By the way, the spatula came with the product and it’s tiny.


Once I scooped it up, I distribute it all over my palm, melting the product and massaged it onto my face. For 3 minutes, I do a quick facial massage to promote blood circulation.

TWO – First Aid Beauty Blemish Patrol Pads*


My holy grail for spot treatment and even skin texture, these amazing pads have Salicylic acid which is strong enough to deter pesky breakouts but gentle enough that it won’t hurt your skin. Fun fact: This product is made for sensitive skin. However, do a patch test whenever you want to try a new product 🙂


It’s also extremely thoughtful when they have safety seal. I don’t rip it off but leave it there for extra protection.


It’s damp with a nice tea tree scent but the pad is too much for my face so I normally cut it in half. Then, I’ll use both sides and wipe all over my face. If I have a certain spot, I normally leave the pad on that spot.



THREE – Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence*


Known as the dupe for SK-II, this treatment changed my skin. I’ve never tried the SK-II one but this is just wayyy more affordable. The only scent that I could smell is the faint yeasty scent which I just love. Other than that, it’s a simple toner and brightens my skin.

10 It may seem like a hazard, spilling valuable liquid all over yourself but this design is GENIUS. It definitely allows you to control how much you want on your palm. Once I dispense it, I spread it on my face and neck. You can use a cotton pad but I ain’t gonna waste a drop on it.

FOUR – Missha Time Revolution Night Repair*


This is my last step. This is another amazing product which smells faintly of yeast but every single time I use this, I’m blown away by how supple and smooth my skin looks. It comes with a dropper (major brownie points for hygiene) and all I needed was four drops. The serum is thick but absorbs fairly quickly.



And that’s it! Here’s my simple night time routine that takes less than 5 minutes. Thank you so much for reading! Let me know what else you would like to be featured here and I’ll do my best 🙂

Here are some useful information and links for the products above!

1) Banila Co. – Clean It Zero (Hermo  – RM 69)
2) First Aid Beauty – Blemish Patrol Pads (Sephora – RM 138)
3) Missha – Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence (Hermo – RM 129)
4) Missha – Time Revolution Night Repair (Hermo – RM 122)

You’ve made it all the way down! Here’s a hug *squish*

Leave me some comments, I’ll be thrilled *grin*

Disclaimer – All products featured here are not sponsored. All opinions are absolutely honest and I only recommend products that I absolutely love.

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