Sang Nyuk Noodles (SS15)

If you’ve ever been to Sabah, you would know that their handmade noodles are jaw-dropping good and it’s available everywhere.

Other than their seafood, their noodles are extremely well known due to its unique, springy texture and taste that takes you to a whole new world. Personally, once I had these noodles, normal noodles that are predominantly available in the West Coast are a no-go for me.

One of the well-known noodle dishes in Sabah is the Sang Nyuk noodles or Sang Nyuk Mian as the locals call it. They are served either dry or wet, with generous heaps of pork innards and meat. However, some stalls in Sabah do substitute the pork with beef.

My family and I were crazily craving for these so we decided to try out this restaurant* in SS15, Subang:


We went there about 8 in the morning and there wasn’t much of a crowd (which I absolutely love). We were presented with the menu and ordered both the dry and soup version of the noodles as well as a side dish; Five Spices Roll.



The service was pretty quick and got our food in less than 15 minutes (I don’t have the patience to wait when I’m hungry).


SN2I did not like this one bit due to the bland taste and all I could taste was the hor fun. I had to dump heap loads of chilli and soy sauce just to be satisfied. Also, the vegetables were bitter as heck. I must be unlucky on that day since I found a strand of hair inside the soup. They agreed to change to soup to the dry version, as you can see below.



When it came, it looked different from the usual Sang Nyuk noodles. Honestly, it tasted exactly like the generic wantan noodles which is not what we’re finding for. It doesn’t even feel springy. It came with the soup below, which still honestly tasted bland. The meat portions are sad, unlike the generous portions of meat that you can find in Sabah.




Honestly, this tasted like leftovers and lacked crispiness. This was supposed to be the highlight of my day but I was extremely disappointed with these.



Chillies make a huge difference to the taste and the ones in Sabah is extremely different compared to the ones over here. It’s an ABSOLUTE MUST to dip your meat into the chilli and eat it with the noodles. BEST COMBINATION EVER. This chilli was alright but it’s not up to par.

Overall, I would rate this restaurant 3/5.

They have good service but it won’t do you justice if you’re craving for the taste of Sabah. As you know, everyone has their own preferences and some of you might love it. For me, I’ll keep hunting for a better one.

Here are some useful information and links !

*Sang Nyuk Noodle

Address: 53, Jalan SS 15/4e, Ss 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Hours: 8AM–9PM

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